Waiheke Island and Delamore Lodge

We woke up kind of early in the morning on Monday, checked out of our B&B in Waipu and drove up to Auckland to catch the ferry to Waiheke Island. We ate a bunch of New Zealand candy for breakfast. MMMmmmmm. We tried to catch the the 12:00pm ferry but missed it by literally 1 minute. The next ferry would be at 2:00pm, so we went and had lunch in Africa. Yes, Africa. Well, the restaurant not the country. Once we finally made it on the ferry it was a short 45 minute ride over to the island.

Once we reached the island we drove up into the hills to the Delamore Lodge. There are only 4 guest rooms here and it is isolated with total privacy and seclusion. It overlooks a small bay and a bunch of islands out into the sea. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen! They are treating us like royalty here, and we love it!

I’m pretty sure that by the time we leave New Zealand on Thursday I will know all the different types of bugs in the country. We met some cool new friends here on Waiheke, including Mr. Stickbug.

When we had settled in and taken showers and gotten ready, we were met with before dinner drinks; some special Waiheke Island Brews, of which we liked the wheat beer the best. They also provided us with hor dourves before dinner as well. For or meal we chose to take a taxi down to the village and try the new Thai place, the Red Crab. It was right overlooking another small bay, and during our meal we thought we saw some orcas in the water. We had everyone in the restaurant up and looking out towards the water, but when Josh took a picture of the whale with his telephoto lens, we zoomed in and it was just a guy in a boat. We felt pretty silly after that, but they DO have orca whales here a lot according to Louise.

Coming back after dinner, the boys went in the spa and Louise and I watched a movie in our room. Then we all sat out on Josh and Louise’s porch and looked at the stars and took pictures of the moon.

This morning, Tuesday the 11th, we woke up and were presented with a wonderful platter of fruits and yogurts, tea and coffee for breakfast. We all had been craving fresh fruit for the longest time, so it definitely suited our fancies. This is a picture of yesterday afternoon from our porch.

The main plan for today is RELAX! We’re going to lay by the pool, read books, and maybe head into town for some lunch. Then we’re off to a restaurant called Mud Brick for dinner. ¬†Wish we could stay at this lodge for even longer; it truly is a paradise!

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